Tweet the project news automatically and make money

If you would like to support a crowdfunding project and make some money with it, follow the steps below to setup the project tweets feed with your Twitter account. The tweets are triggered every 30 minute or even more rarely, nobody likes spam.

The tweets contain the link with your tracking id and when your followers click the link they are logged as your referrals. If they back a project later on or publish a project, you will get your commission. See details here:

Set automatic tweets for Heroes Inc. from RunAway Studios

How to setup tweets

1. Login to, find the project you like and click “Promote Me” tab. Copy the tweets feed URL. NOTE: this tab is available only if the Developers has defined commission for promoting the project


2. Go to and register with this publishing service


3. Create a Recipe in IFTTT, the recipe is a rule that defines how you post from one source of content to another

setup-project-tweets-3 4. Click “this”

setup-project-tweets-45. Choose feed as a trigger channel (source)

setup-project-tweets-5  6. Choose “New feed item”


7. Paste KraudMob project feed into “Feed URL”


8. Click “that”


9. Choose Twitter as action channel


10. Activate Twitter channel


11. Authorize with your Twitter account


12. Choose an action


13. Define what feed elements you will tweet. EntityTitle and EntityUrl are default and should be enough. You may also add a short text like “Please RT”


14. Finally click “Create a Recipe”



Whew… It’s been a long way but now it’s all automatic. Good luck!

What is KraudMob?

KraudMob is the Crowdfunding and Marketing platform for Mobile Apps.

We created this service for the people like us – we are tech guys with great experience in making software but we are completely dumb in marketing and sales. We’ve had no start capital either. We have always dreamt about the world where we can do the job we love most and let the money flow in by magic.

KraudMob is designed to make this magic happen.

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