When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is.Oscar Wilde

Now the Game is funded and ready to release. It’s time to market to get it monetized. As an indie developer you most probably don’t have enough money for that.


Pay for result not for effort!

 Define your revenue share commission

  Get visible to Marketers at KraudMob

  Scale your sales with no limit with more and more Marketers

You will not spend your own money to buy clicks or impressions that don’t convert. Instead you’re going to share revenue with the best marketing guys who will promote your Game. You define how much of the purchase amount you would like to share with them, and they will make everything possible to sell as much as they can. This is called Affiliate Marketing. You pay for performance and that eventually brings you more and more money. And no cent will be spent without reward to you.


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Scale your sales

When you market your Game yourself it takes time and money to get enough sales. This model is limited to the capacity of your marketing team(hopefully you have one). 


Revenue has no limit!

Imagine having a sales team of 100 people that you only had to pay if they brought in more sales for your App. That’s exactly what you get with a team of Marketers working to drive sales to your Game. Affiliate marketing is a great way of achieving higher sales, generating traffic to your App and getting your Game to a larger audience. It can grow like a snowball – the more Marketers promote your App, the more popular it becomes and attract even more Marketers. It make your Game even more popular and get more Marketers on board… Well, you got the idea.

Learn how KraudMob scales sales

What is KraudMob?

KraudMob is the Crowdfunding and Marketing platform for Mobile Games.

We created this service for the people like us – we are tech guys with great experience in making software but we are completely dumb in marketing and sales. We’ve had no start capital either. We have always dreamt about the world where we can do the job we love most and let the money flow in by magic.

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