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This is a showcase project to show how you can go along with KraudMob, it’s not real. Nevertheless pledges are welcome and will be used to support KraudMob!


The showcase tells how you can attract the clients before the app launch. Mind Subscription plans and Rewards. 

Your business badge

If you run business you must know how customer’s loyalty is important. Pop my badge up is the your business presentation mobile app with unique features:

  • Easily create your mobile presentation app
  • Put in brief information about your services or merchandise
  • Create promo badges to show in your App 

And now the feature that will make your revenues rock!

  • Create a promo badge and publish it to your clients through the App
  • The clients will get a gentle notification from the App and the badge will pop up on their mobile phone
  • Whenever the client is around your location the App will make a sound and show your promo badge! 

Subscription plans

You will pay monthly subscription fee to use the App. The Backer of this early stage will get great rewards!

Feature Basic Premium
Create your business information pages + +
Create your promo badges + +
Push the badges to clients + +
Pop the badges when clients pass by - +
Statistics module - +
Monthly fee $19.99 $39.99

How will you bill for the App?

The Mobile Application is free. You will pay monthly subscription fee according to your subscription plan.

The App category

Business, advertisement, local business, marketing

Mobile platforms

We will create the game for both Android and iOS smartphones.

About the developer

We are a team of three tech professionals from Brooklyn, Mike First, Henry Second and Sean Third. We already successfully created two mobile apps, find them at Google Play.

What will the money go for?

We need to hire a designer to create fancy design for the App.

When will the backers get the App?

We plan to release beta version for Android in 3 months, the backers will be able to download the game from our website. The ultimate version is planned to be released to Google Play AppStore in 6 months. The iOS version is to be released within 9 months.


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