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This is a showcase project to show how you can go along with KraudMob, it’s not real. Nevertheless pledges are welcome and will be used to support KraudMob!


The showcase tells how you should present your project . 

The gameplay

You run the restaurant that cooks pizza to go. You must plan your business carefully, deal with suppliers and cope with unhappy customers. Your goal is to earn as much as you can.

The game genre

Business simulator

Mobile platforms

We will create the game for both Android and iOS, smartphone and tablet editions.

About the developer

We are a team of three tech professionals from Brooklyn, Mike First, Henry Second and Sean Third. We already successfully created two mobile games, find them at Google Play.

What will the money go for?

We need to hire a designer to create fancy design for the game.

When will the backers get the game?

We plan to release beta version for Android in 3 months, the backers will be able to download the game from our website. The ultimate version is planned to be released to Google Play AppStore in 6 months. The iOS version is to be released within 9 months.


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