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KraudMob is the Crowdfunding and Marketing platform for Mobile Apps. It helps Developers and Marketers earn together.

In brief

  • The Developers publish Mobile App projects and collect funds.
  • The Developers offer rewards to the Backers who fund the projects.
  • Marketers bring Backers to the projects and promote the App when it is released.


What is KraudMob Marketing Platform?

KraudMob Marketing Platform is a tool that allows Marketers promoting Developers’ Mobile Apps and Games. Developers use it to track sales, manage Marketers commissions and get reports. Marketers use it to get Apps promo materials and receive payouts for the sales they made.

There are two major use cases for KraudMob Marketing Platform – to get Backer to fund the project and to get more sales when the App is released to AppStore. Once the Developer has created a project he or she might decide to involve Marketers in order to get more Backers. The Developer sets the commission and shares revenue with the Marketers in return for the pledge made by a Backer. When Mobile App is released to AppStores the Developer may wish to get Marketers to drive in new users. The Developer defines the commission for the Marketers. Every time the App is sold(for paid apps) or in-app purchase happens KraudMob Marketing Platform charges commission to the Marketers.

Benefits for Developers

  • Start with Zero budget

    As an indie developer you most probably suffer from the lack of money to fulfill your idea. Crowdfunding is the way to fund projects and ideas.

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  • Market with Zero budget

    Creating Mobile App is only ten percent of success. We know how you can drive in enormous sales volume without being guru in marketing.

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  • Scale with Zero budget

    When you market your Game yourself it takes time and money to get enough sales. See how professional Marketers can scale your business.

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Benefits for Marketers

  • Bring projects

    Get 2.5% of the project funding from KraudMob. When you refer a project to KraudMob and it reaches its goal you get paid.

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  • Bring backers

    Earn 10-90% of the pledges of the Backers you refer to a project. When you refer a Backer to the project you get paid.

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  • Bring users

    Promote released Apps and Games already in Appstore. Get paid 10-90% of the Game price or in-app purchase amount.

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