Say you already have successful app in the AppStore and some wealth of customers. You look at your installs and in-apps purchases statistics and feel it does not grow as you wish. You need some fresh air in the app to make more installs and get users spend more for your apps artifacts. In other words it’s time to make some buzz around your app.

Typical buzz techniques

  • A viral movie to spread out — this is very efficient technique but it’s rather expensive

  • Buy more ads — this is also good but users are already annoyed with similar ads from your competitors

  • Release new features — great source of buzz but unlikely to bring in new users and expensive as well.

How to go around the drawbacks of ? You should carry on a crowdfunding campaign.

Making buzz with crowdfunding 

Let see how crowdfunding campaign can help your app stand out among your competitors.

  • Most funded campaigns on Kickstarter are movies and music. Make a viral movie the product of your campaign. Get some creative people to film the movie. Describe the scenario to your prospect backers but in as less details as possible to keep them interested in the result. Offer special editions of the movie as rewards.

  • Another most funded category on Kickstarter is music. Get creative musicians to make the music theme for your game or even a song. Offer special editions of the music as rewards.

  • Place the ads not for your game but for crowdfunding campaign. You might include this budget into your campaign goal. You will get better CTR for this because this is something new and creative. Offer same rewards that you would use on normal ads campaign or make up creative ones for even better feedback.

  • Fund your new release with your clients help. You already have existing player who are loyal to your game. They will be happy if you involve them into the game development and have personal features in the game that they could show their friends. This will get you a viral effect to acquire more players for free.

  • Get visible among professional marketers and advertisers at KraudMob. The more creative buzz around your game the more people would like to promote it thus bringing you more profit.

What is KraudMob?

KraudMob is the Crowdfunding and Marketing platform for Mobile Apps.

We created this service for the people like us – we are tech guys with great experience in making software but we are completely dumb in marketing and sales. We’ve had no start capital either. We have always dreamt about the world where we can do the job we love most and let the money flow in by magic.

KraudMob is designed to make this magic happen.

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