KraudMob Marketing Platform is a tool that allows Marketers promoting Developers’ Mobile Apps.  

Developers use it to track sales, manage Marketers commissions and get reports. Marketers use it to get Apps promo materials and receive payouts for the sales they made.

There are two major use cases for KraudMob Marketing Platform – to get Backer to fund the project and to get more sales when the App is released to AppStore.    

Once the Developer has created a project he or she might decide to involve Marketers in order to get more Backers. The Developer sets the commission and shares revenue with the Marketers in return for the pledge made by a Backer.

When Mobile App is released to AppAtores the Developer may wish to get Marketers to drive in users. The Developer defines the commission for the Marketers. Every time the App is sold(for paid apps) or in-app purchase happens KraudMob Marketing Platform charges commission to the Marketer(s).  

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