It’s up to the Developer what rewards are offered to the Backers.

KraudMob recommends that the App itself is provided for free to all Backer although it’s not required. You should think carefully what rewards the Backers would be interested in. Below are some ideas about rewards.

  • Coins, diamonds or other virtual currency packs
  • The advanced features or artifacts of the App
  • T-Shirt with the App logo
  • Your name in the hall of fame at the Developer’s website
  • The Backer as a character in the Mobile Game

 We at KraudMob believe that the App should use “freemium” monetization approach. Generally your app should be free and engage users to pay more for additional features inside the app. This model works extremely well because you already get the loyal customers who are using your free App and they are ready to pay.

When you’re crowdfunding your app you usually offer the App for your backers for free plus some other reward. You should think ahead what other features you will offer to the backer so that they wish to pay more when using the App.

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