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Who are Marketers?

Marketers are individuals or companies who know how to promote Apps and bring the users who will be using the App.

Usually the Marketers are professionals who do it for living. But it’s not necessary, KraudMob Marketing Platform is easy to use for anybody.

What kind of commission is used?

KraudMob encourages CPS(Cost per Sale) commission model.

CPA(Cost per Action) and CPC(Cost per Click) are supported as well. 

How can I promote Apps?

Marketers may use various marketing techniques, e.g. SEO, SMM, context ads and so on.

Marketers register in KraudMob Marketing Platform, pick up promo materials and generate links with tracking number. When a user downloads the App via this link, KraudMob Marketing Platform registers that the user has been led by the Marketer. When user makes a purchase, the Marketer gets its portion of the sale amount according to commission scheme defined by the Developer.

It’s up to Marketer how they promote your App. Spam and other “black” marketing techniques are strictly prohibited. KraudMob withholds all accumulated funds if a Marketer is considered using these forbidden approaches.

How do I withdraw funds?

You may withdraw money by Paypal

What are the commission rates?

Commission rates are defined by the Developer.

Developers might set the CPS as a percentage of sale amount, e.g. 40%

How is commission calculated?

It depends on the type of commission.

KraudMob encourages to use Cost Per Sale commission (CPS) as the most efficient one. Below is the example how commission is calculated.

User purchases game artifact for $10. Appstore fee is 30%. Developer sets up 40% as CPS commission. KraudMob charges 20% of what Developer pays to Marketer

The purchase net amount after Appstore fee: $7

The Marketer gets: 40% of $7 = $2.8

KraudMob gets: 20% of $2.8 = $0.56

The Developer gets: $7 – $2.8 – $0.56 = $3.64