Make your next Game with ZERO budget

Run crowdfunding campaign, get the budget from your users

Make BUZZ around your Game and get MORE clients

Make viral movie or your own soundtrack, all for free

Get monster Marketers promote your Game for FREE

Have KraudMob Marketers sell your Game

Create your Game with no budget


Crowdfunding is the way to fund projects or ideas. You’ve got an idea and all you need to do is to share it with others. You do not have to spend time to look for investors, attain boring meetings and give away half the company in the end.

  • Figure out your budget
  • Publish the Mobile Game campaign project at KraudMob and offer rewards
  • Get funding from your fans

Most crowdfunding campaigns reach the goal within 30 days!

Viral movie or soundtrack for free

video-clip1Most funded campaigns on Kickstarter are movies and music. Describe the scenario to your prospect backers but in as less details as possible to keep them interested in the result. Offer special editions of the movie or music as rewards.

  • Make a viral movie the product of your Crowdfunding campaign.
  • Get some creative people to film the movie, compose the music or even a song
  • Make it fun and rewarding for everyone

Most popular campaigns are movies and music

Professional Marketers will promote your Game

klipart_rastuschiy_grafik_rost_grafika_grafik_3d_19946_1600x1200KraudMob is the meeting place for Marketers and Developers. We encourage Developers to exploit one of the most efficient and scalable sales model – revenue share. You define the commission for the Marketers and do not pay anything for marketing activities. It’s up to Marketers how they promote the Game. You pay only when the money flows in, for example when a user makes in-Game purchase. You get your share, the Marketers gets theirs.

  • Forget about spending money without return
  • Pay only if you get paid
  • Scale your sales with no limit

Pay for performance, not for effort

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