Fly Or Die: Singtrix

Posted December 25, 2013 & filed under Gadgets, Mobile Apps Feeds, Video.

Screenshot 2013-12-18 13.45.54Singtrix is the personal Karaoke machine of the future.

Instead of being limited by Karaoke-friendly, vocal-free tunes, Singtrix lets you erase the vocal track from any song in your phone or tablet, effectively expanding your library from a few songs to anything you can download. Continue reading

Fly Or Die: Nokia Lumia 1520

Posted December 24, 2013 & filed under Gadgets, Mobile Apps Feeds, Video.

chris-darrellNokia is now basically the defacto Windows Phone handset manufacturer, and the Lumia 1520 is its latest effort. The big, big full HD 6-inch display sets it apart from any previous Windows Phone device, and puts it into a rare class of device even among Android phones, whose screens can also get pretty darn huge. Continue reading

Fly Or Die: Motorola Moto G

Posted December 20, 2013 & filed under Android, Gadgets, Mobile Apps Feeds, Video.

It always seems like the flagship phones get the most attention, but what about a device that doesn’t even bother trying to claim that title? Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside has been saying for months and months that one of the company’s priorities was to improve the experience of using a low-cost smartphone, and the end result of drive was the cheapo Moto G. Continue reading

Bionym’s Vision For A Future Where Secure Account Holders Are Their Own Credentials

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NymiToronto-based Bionym turned heads with its concept for wearable hardware that authenticates a user based on their heartwave signature, which could turn the whole world of digital security on its head. It’s a key tied to your person in a very intimate sense, meaning it can’t really be stolen or lost like even a current standalone unique passkey generator can. Continue reading

Hands On With The KnCMiner Jupiter, The Massive BTC Mining Rig That Can Move Markets

Posted December 12, 2013 & filed under Gadgets, Mobile Apps Feeds, Video.

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 10.43.33 AMIt’s not every day you get to see a machine designed to mint money. KnCMiner is a Stockholm-based hardware company that has single-handedly changed the face of Bitcoin mining. Their products sell out almost instantly – the $5,000 Jupiter is already gone – and, amazingly, the company actually ships. In a world of charlatans, broken promises, and outright lies, it’s refreshing to find a company like this one. Continue reading

How Matternet Wants To Bring Drone Delivery To The People Who Need It Most

Posted December 10, 2013 & filed under Gadgets, Mobile Apps Feeds, Startups, Video.

An image from Matternet's drone delivery pilot in HaitiLast week, the media world was abuzz with the news that e-commerce giant Amazon was experimenting with a new program dubbed “Amazon Prime Air,” which would use small automated “drone” aircraft to make customer deliveries. But while Jeff Bezos’ primetime television announcement of Amazon’s drone ambitions certainly attracted a lot of attention, it’s important to note that he is not the first person to express interest in the drone delivery space. A small Silicon Valley startup called Matternet has been developing drone delivery technology for several years now. The company’s co-founder and CEO Andreas Raptopoulos’ TED talk from this past summer about the potential to use small drones for delivery purposes has garnered more than 200,000 views since it was posted online last month — and perhaps helped to inspire Bezos himself, as Bezos used some of the same language used in Raptopoulos’ TED talk when unveiling the concept of Amazon Prime Air on 60 Minutes. One very interesting thing about Matternet is that the company believes drone delivery technology should be first used in the developing world, to deliver food, medicine, and other necessities to areas that are less accessible by car or truck. Often, consumer technologies start by serving a higher end market and trickle down to attain widespread utility — think computers, cell phones, automobiles, and the like. Matternet says its approach is to introduce drone delivery technology to the “people who need it the most,” and build the network from there. It was a pleasure to have Raptopoulos and his Matternet co-founder Paola Santana stop by TechCrunch’s San Francisco headquarters last week to talk more about how their technology is progressing, the unique technical and regulatory challenges that drones face, and their reaction to learning that Amazon is working in the space as well. Watch that in the video embedded above. And in the video embedded below, you can see footage from one of Matternet’s drone delivery pilot programs in Haiti. Matternet in Haiti from Matternet on Vimeo. Continue reading