Smartsheet Adds Android App For Collaborative Spreadsheet Service As Enterprise Warms To The Mobile Platform

Posted September 18, 2013 & filed under Android, Dev News, Mobile Apps Feeds.


A growing list of SaaS providers are launching Android apps. iPhone apps still dominate but the shift to mobile is forcing companies like Smartsheet to extend their mobile reach as much as possible.

Smartsheet is a SaaS provider that markets a collaborative spreadsheet application for the enterprise. Today the company launched its first Android app which it did for two reasons. 

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Ginger Software Adds Sentence Rephraser To Android Proofreading Keyboard To Reword Your Written English

Posted September 16, 2013 & filed under Android, Mobile Apps Feeds, Mobile News.

Ginger Rephraser1If you’re already worried that journalists are writing for robots, it’s time to press the panic button: here’s an algorithm that can apparently rewrite journalists. Israeli natural language processing (NLP) technology startup Ginger Software, which makes a cross-app proofreading keyboard for Android, has added a new feature to its software that rewords entire sentences. Continue reading

Jolla’s Sailfish OS Now Android Compatible As MeeGo Startup Readies 2nd Pre-Sales Campaign To Tap Anti-Microsoft Sentiment

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jolla_colorJolla, the Finnish startup that’s aiming to build a mobile ecosystem around its MeeGo-based OS, Sailfish, has announced the Sailfish OS is now compatible with the Android ecosystem — on both a hardware and a software level. Incorporating support for Android apps was always on Jolla’s roadmap but today it’s confirmed that Android apps can now run directly on Sailfish without any modifications. Continue reading

TechCrunch Droidcast Episode 6: Nokia’s Experimentation, Sony’s Kitchen Lunacy, And Android At Disrupt

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droidcastDarrell and I pride ourselves on making the TechCrunch Droidcast a Wednesday staple, but alas, we just couldn’t find the time at Disrupt to record the show. I know, I’m sorry.

To make up for it, we roused ourselves early this morning to record a slightly special weekend edition of the show. Topics on the agenda? Darrell and I weigh in on Nokia’s experimentation phase with Android, Sony’s bizarre desire break into the culinary tablet space, and the newly acquired HTC One that Darrell has been fawning over for the past few days. Continue reading

Nubo Thinks It Can Solve Enterprise Mobile Problems By Virtualizing Android

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IMG_0009Israeli startup Nubo is one of the companies at Startup Alley showing off their product at this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco. The company offers enterprises an answer to their mobile device deployment woes, and it’s one that’s different than most mobile device management solutions. MDM usually involves locking down local content and managing devices individually, which can be complicated and time-consuming. Nubo actually runs Android on a server, Continue reading

Crowdtilt Goes Mobile With First App, Will Soon Let Anyone Launch A Crowdfunding Campaign On The Go

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Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 4.45.21 PMAs we’ve discussed before, thanks to a handful of names, including Kickstarter and Indiegogo and the gaggle of startups that have emerged in their wake, crowdfunding is on the “Big screen.” Yet, the team behind Crowdtilt — also known as the Y Combinator-backed startup building a “group fundraising” platform for projects that don’t work on Kickstarter — believe that this is just the beginning. Continue reading

Apple Falls Behind Samsung In Global Internet Usage On Smartphones, Pointing To A Low-Cost iPhone Challenge

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Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 06.26.55Today, StatCounter — the research group that tracks Internet usage by browser, platform and device, among other things — has released some numbers that indicate that while Apple continues to keep its traditional lead as the most-popular brand for mobile Internet browsing in certain markets, globally, Samsung leads the pack — not just because it comes in first in markets like Western Europe and South America, but also because of its strong showing even in markets where Apple is ahead. Continue reading

The Dextrus Robotic Hand Wants To Make Advanced Prosthetics 100X Cheaper Via 3D Printing

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Dextrus-BannerThe Dextrus hand is the working prototype resulting from Joel Gibbard’s Open Hand Project, an open source hardware initiative that aims to lower the cost of robotic prosthetics dramatically. Dextrus is a fully-functional robotic hand, with features and capabilities similar to leading advanced prosthetics, but at a small fraction of the cost. Continue reading

Watch Samsung’s UNPACKED 2013 Galaxy Gear And Galaxy Note 3 Event Live Right Here At 1PM ET

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image002Samsung’s hosting an event today at 1 PM ET/ 7PM CET/ 10 AM PT at which it will debut its Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, the new Galaxy Note 3 smartphone, and a potential bevy of other things covered by the phrase “next-generation products.” The cats are somewhat out of the bag already, thanks to especially vocal Samsung executives crowing about the news, but if the last Samsung UNPACKED event in NYC is any indication, we’ll all be in for an entertaining show regardless of what’s announced. Continue reading

Google Announces 1B Total Android Activations, Names Next Version ‘KitKat’

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Android KitKatApple made waves this morning when it announced its oft-rumored September 10 event, but Google isn’t giving up the day’s limelight without a fight — according to a post on Sundar Pichai’s Google+ page, over one billion Android devices have been activated to date. That’s not exactly a shock considering the sort of momentum we’ve seen in activations over the past few months. CEO Larry Page said there were 1.5 million Android activations a day back in July and Android device activations hit the 900 million mark earlier this year.

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