XL Marketing, The Direct Marketing Company Co-Founded By John Sculley, Buys UK Rival Intela

Posted October 9, 2013 & filed under Dev News, Marketing, Mobile Apps Feeds.

mailboxAs our physical mailboxes gradually get a little less stuffed with direct marketing letters, two of the companies that have played a part in shifting that business to email, mobile and social media networks are coming together. XL Marketing, the NY-based direct and email marketing company co-founded by former CEO of Apple John Sculley, is buying Intela, a UK-based rival. The deal makes good use of the $70 million that XLM picked up in funding a little over a year ago, and will give it a crack at more international business, as well as a chance to sell through other data marketing services beyond email targeting to Intela’s current customer base.
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Snapchat Gets Its Own Timeline With Snapchat Stories, 24-Hour Photo & Video Tales

Posted October 3, 2013 & filed under Marketing, Mobile Apps Feeds, Startups.

snapchat-storiesA new update for Snapchat that just rolled out adds an option to create Snapchat Stories, a new type of sharing for the temporary social network which allows users to build chains of shared content that can be viewed an unlimited number of times over a 24-hour period. The Stories are shared to all your friends at once, and each piece of content added itself lasts for a full day before disappearing. Continue reading

CardSpring Connect Lets Merchants “Switch On” Card-Linked Offers On Foursquare & Elsewhere With Just A Click

Posted September 25, 2013 & filed under Marketing, Mobile Apps Feeds, Startups.

cardspring_logoMany brick-and-mortar merchants in the real world just want customers, but don’t have the time to learn the nuances of the various performance marketing tools and other programs at their disposal today. They just want new customers, or they just want to increase traffic during the slower parts of the day, for example. A new service called CardSpring Connect, launching today, now helps with that. The platform offers a self-serve online dashboard that allows merchants to easily create campaigns, connect apps like Foursquare, Thanx, MOGL, OnStripe and others, then sit back and watch as the analytics update in real-time with each swipe of a customer’s card at checkout. Continue reading

Apple Froze App Store Rankings On Friday, And Odd Behavior Continues

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Apple - iOS 7In the last three years, the only times Apple has ever frozen its App Store rankings has been over the holidays. So it’s interesting to note that the company actually froze rankings for a total of eight hours on Friday, and things still aren’t quite back to normal in terms of the store’s usual behavior and ranking results. The change to the App Store could possibly indicate either an intentional freeze on Apple’s part or even bandwidth concerns or other bugs and glitches. Continue reading

GIF Marketing Platform Cinegif Raises $500K In Angel Funding

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Cinegif_logoCinegif, an Austin-based startup that makes it easy for companies to use GIFs in their marketing campaigns, has raised $500,000 in funding from Texas angel investors including the Baylor Angel Network, the Houston Angel Network and its related Texas Halo Fund. The angel round will be used by Cinegif to accelerate sales and marketing for its cloud-based GIF marketing platform. Continue reading

Chirpify Drops Its “Hashtag Commerce” Consumer Marketplace To Focus On Big Brand Marketing And “Actiontags”

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Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 11.25.21 PMAccording to Chirpify founder Chris Teso, “hashtags are the new URL.” Though more than a few people at Twitter are no doubt nodding their head vigorously in agreement, everywhere you turn in the tech industry, someone is creating (or has a patent pending on) “the new, new version of X.” So does Teso’s declaration actually ring true? For starters, some context: Chirpify launched in early 2012 to do something about the fact that social commerce — in spite of its own dubbing as “the next big thing” — has failed to live up to the hype. Continue reading

Deeplink.me Launches A Retargeting Network For Mobile That Sends Users Back To The Apps They’ve Already Installed

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bubbles_onlyDeeplink.me, the new service from Cellogic making it possible for users to navigate through the apps on a smartphone the way you navigate the web, is today exiting from its beta period and launching an accompanying retargeting network. The network takes advantage of Deeplink.me’s knowledge of deep linking into apps to identify users who have a particular app installed on their phone, in order to show them personalized ad units which redirect them to a specific page within an app. Continue reading

How to setup KraudMob automatic tweets

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KraudMob use Twitter extensively to market its services. We try to keep our tweets interesting to our readers.
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Show me the money

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The list of crowdfunding campaigns results for video games, just to figure out what you might have got if you had brought these projects to KraudMob. Your potential earnings $59,709. Continue reading