Bringing projects gets you 2.5% of the funding

KraudMob offers 2.5% of the funding that the project has managed to gather during crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding projects often outreach the initial goal and you get your share from the ultimate funding amount. For example, if the project goal was $10 000 and it has gathered $20 000, you will get $500.

You could have made $59,709, read more here

Almost automatically

KraudMob use Twitter extensively to market its services. We try to keep our tweets interesting to our readers.

We tweet and retweet:

Tweet automatically


  1. Register and log in to KraudMob
  2. On the dashboard you will see Your affiliate links
  3. Copy the tweets feed link and setup it as described in How to setup KraudMob automatic tweets.

When your visitor clicks the link he/she will be directed to KaudMob and the cookie will be set to the visitor. If the visitor decides to publish a project later on KraudMob will recognize that it was brought in by you and log you as a referrer. The cookie is valid for 1 year.

You will see your referred visitors on the KraudMob Dashboard. You will also get e-mail alert when your referral publishes a project.


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