Automatic tweets for you and your Marketers

Twitter is an excellent marketing tool. If people like you they will spread your tweets to their followers.To make it easier KraudMob offers a unique feature that lets tweeting about your project automatically.

The power of this tool is its simplicity – anyone can setup the Twitter account to tweet about your project with minor effort. Both professional Marketers and your friends can do it easily. And what’s most important they will make money and bring you more and more Backers.

You should prepare several tweets that will be rotated over a period of time. The best practice for tweeting tells: tweet when your followers are online. There’s an excellent article about best hours to tweet here:

Set automatic tweets for Heroes Inc. from RunAway Studios

How to setup the tweets

1. Go to your project admin page and click “Promote Me” tab


2. Scroll down to “Twitter feed” section


3. Prepare your tweets and paste them into “Tweets” field, one tweet per line. Update the project.

Set time parameters

You should figure out the time period for your tweets. You may define whole 24 hours by picking up 0 in From and 0 in To dropdowns, or set it to 1 hour if you think it’s the best hour. Just bear in mind the tweets are published at most every 30 minutes, or even more rarely if you decide so. This tool is not for spam.

Timezone is for your convenience, it denotes in what timezone the hours are defined. Normally, you should set it to your own timezone.

Turn the tweets on and off

If you would like to stop the tweets from publishing, just uncheck the Active checkbox. This will disable all the tweets unless you activate it back.

How Marketers tweet on your behalf

Marketers should follow the steps below to setup your project tweets feed with their Twitter account. The tweets contain the link with the Marketer’s tracking id and when the followers click the link they are logged as Marketer’s referrals. If they back a project later on or publish a project, the Marketer gets the commission. See details here:

The Marketers find the tweets RSS feed on “Promote Me” tab of your project. NOTE: this tab is available only if you have defined commission for promoting the project.


See the detailed instructions for the Marketers here

What is KraudMob?

KraudMob is the Crowdfunding and Marketing platform for Mobile Apps.

We created this service for the people like us – we are tech guys with great experience in making software but we are completely dumb in marketing and sales. We’ve had no start capital either. We have always dreamt about the world where we can do the job we love most and let the money flow in by magic.

KraudMob is designed to make this magic happen.

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